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Committee Meeting Dates

9/13/17, 10/11/17, 11/8/17, 2/14/18, 3/14/18, 4/11/18, 5/9/18 

2:00 pm, ACA 2507

Committee Members

Deborah diCesare, Academic Affairs

Mary John, Admin Svcs

Sherri Rodriguez, Student Svcs

Faculty Members
Meghan Gaynor Cason,*
Eliza Uzunyan, General
Ellie Rabani, General
John Kawai, General

Staff Members
Raquel Sanchez

Student Member
Alexandria Smith




Student Success Committee

Student Success Committee


The purpose of the Student Success Committee

The Student Success Committee (SSC) supports academic and student support programs in accordance with the Educational Master Plan and college mission. The committee supports efforts among the multiple services provided to students and communicates with the other campus groups. SSC reviews the support available, sets priorities and makes policy recommendations to the Institutional Effectiveness Council.


The mission of the Student Success Committee is to increase student success and completion by fostering a student-centered guidance, support and instructional system in accordance with the Educational Master Plan and college mission through an integrated approach.

Goals 2016-2017: 
  1. Facilitate integration of Equity, Basic Skills and SSSP plans and coordinate their alignment with the Educational Master Plan. 
  2. Explore the impact of textbook affordability on student success and develop strategies to encourage adoption of lower cost, high-quality resources.
  3. Make recommendations to improve student engagement with college resources and attendance at success-oriented workshops.

Membership/Represented Constituencies (PDF/20KB)

Tier Three Committees that report to Student Success Committee


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