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Committee Meeting Dates


Committee Members

Karen Daar, VP, Academic Affairs
Mike Lee, VP, Administrative Services
Tino Manzano, VP, Student Services
Jermain Pipkins, Dean, Teamsters 911

Howard Levine, Chair, BC
June Miyasaki Chair, EPC
Yih-Mei Hu, Chair, FPC
 Josh Miller, Senate President, IEC Chair
Christina Peter, Chair, PEPC
Meghan G. Cason, Chair, SSC
Gregory Morrison, Chair, TC
Meredith Leonard, Chair, WEC
Vacant, SEIU 721
Ruby Christian-Brougham, AFT 1521 Faculty Guild President
Veronica Enriquez AFT 1521A, Staff Guild
Mike Jack, Bldg & Trades/WEIU 99

Student Members
Joseph Katona

Ex Officio
Erika A. Endrijonas,
LAVC President



Institutional Effectiveness Council

Motions 2017-2018


Process for Motions

If a motion is approved, the Chair of a committee or workgroup will submit a completed motion form to the Council chair and, if appropriate, a fiscal analysis request form to the Budget Office within 2 business days. Chairs of EPC, HPC, and PEPC will also forward the motion to the Senate if appropriate (see Senate Interaction).

The Council chair will circulate the motion forms and fiscal analysis forms for any motions to be considered with the agenda for that meeting and will use the motion form to document actions taken. The motion form will then be forwarded to the College President who will also document actions taken and report back to council.

For details, please see the handbook.  For forms, please look under the Forms tab above and to the left.

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Archived motions

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Archived Motions 2015-2016 Actions

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Archived Motions 2013-2014 Actions

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