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Understanding Accreditation

2015 ACCJC Letter

2015 Visiting Team Report

2015 Follow-Up Report 
[PDF: 385KB]

ACCJC Letter to LAVC July 2014

[PDF: 391KB]

External Visiting Team Report May 2014
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Self-Evaluation 2013
[PDF: 4.6MB]

Follow-Up Report 2014 
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Accreditation Self-Study 2013 Cover Image

As part of the peer review process that California community colleges undergo, LAVC has embarked on its self evaluation. College constituents are working in teams to prepare a report that will address how well the college meets the ACCJC standards. Following submission of the report, in spring 2016 a team of ACCJC evaluators will visit the college to verify the accuracy of the report and recommend ways to improve.

The Commission placed the college on warning in June 2013, requiring LAVC to address eight college and one district recommendation. After a follow-up report and visit in spring 2015, a visiting team and the Commission concurred that LAVC satisfactorily addressed the one remaining recommendation and the college's accredited status has been fully reaffirmed.

The college is fully accredited.

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Why Accreditation is Important

Los Angeles Valley College is a fully-accredited institution that complies with the standards set by the accrediting body that reviews community colleges in this region, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), which is under the umbrella of the regional Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

This “stamp of approval” provides students, faculty, staff, and the public with assurances of our integrity, quality, and effectiveness. In addition, our accredited status allows us to receive federal funding for our students and enables credit for courses to be used for transfer to other institutions.

Information on filing a complaint against the college regarding a possible violation of accreditation standards can be found on the website of the ACCJC at

Who is Involved in the Accreditation Process?

Faculty, classified staff, administrators, and students participate in the process of evaluating our performance in light of the Commission’s standards as well as our own stated goals. Our comprehensive report, which sums up the findings of our research and discussions, will be an accurate reflection of our strengths as well as our challenges as an institution. We welcome your participation and feedback. Contact us at if you would like to be involved.

Accreditation at LAVC - some history

The college worked on its most recent comprehensive self evaluation from spring 2011 to spring 2013. Over 100 faculty, staff, administrators, and students participated in 10 working committees to evaluate how well we were meeting ACCJC standards. Aware of ways we could improve, the committees selected five Actionable Improvement Plans, which the college has been implementing. In March 2013, an evaluation team of peer reviewers visited LAVC, conducting interviews and reviewing our self evaluation report and evidence. The team issued recommendations (several of which were issues in our self-identified improvement plans) and wrote a report for the Commission, which determined our status at its meeting in June 2013.

The same process occurred six years earlier. In June 2007 the Commission reaffirmed our accredited status, based on the March 2007 visiting team report [PDF: 211KB] - conclusions that were based on our institutional self study report [PDF: 107KB] and the team's visit. The college was asked to submit a progress report in March 2008 [PDF: 42KB] to demonstrate how we were addressing the team’s recommendations regarding progress toward resolving district-wide issues and another progress report in October 2008 [PDF: 185KB] on improvements at the college. In June 2009, the ACCJC accepted the March 2009 follow-up report [PDF: 1.8MB]. A Midterm Report [PDF: 203KB], submitted in March 2010 documented the resolution of team recommendations and gave a summary of progress on college-identified action plans for improvement. In June 2010, the ACCJC sent a memo [PDF: 866KB] accepting our midterm report.


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